● Firmly execute the ISO9001-2015 quality management system certified by BSI
● 100% full inspection for
product appearance and AQL 0.25 sampling standard for dimensions on all of our products
● Zero major quality accident in 10 years
● Latest instruments and equipment, Surface stress tester, Gloss meter, Spectrum Tester,Video measuring tester, Drop ball tester, Accelerated weathering tester, colorimeter
● Professional QC team with over 10’s years experience by Japanese management system
● Professional technical team with over 10’s years experience by Japanese management system
● Actively cooperate with you to meet the functional requirements
● Examples: UV ink pass 1000hrs UV test, IR ink (customized transmittance to achieve the whole black effect), removable ink, 3M double-sided adhesive, Heat-insulation film, AB glue and holes-min.0.8mm, etc.
● Positive cooperation to develop new technology, such as: process milling surface, Laser engraving to do precise design, multiple and complex printing design
● Help over 100 companies to make complicated prototypes into mass production successfully
● Provide cost-down solutions for more than 100 companies with success



● Challenge the 100% on time delivery goal
● 10-15 days delivery time • Safe stock management
● system of commonly used materials
● ERP system to control the lead time
● Reliable, safe, trusted and on time delivery logistic company DHL/FEDEX etc.
● Accept small quantity (1000pcs)
● Free standard samples
● Safety package, thicker wooden case (width>25mm)
● Help to complete and finalize drawings
● Provide free solutions according to different application


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