Corning Gorilla Glass Testing Sheets and Laser Cutting Technology

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As the upgrade of technology and update of touchscreen material, corning gorilla glass material has become the preference for touchscreen cover glass applications. With more than 7 billion terminals worldwide using corning gorilla glass, and it’s hard to imagine that a“normal”glass can burst with such a powerful innovation in materials applications. Under the prevailing era of corning gorilla glass, the secondary development of functions for its related products is also booming everywhere, such as screen anti-fingerprint technology, full lamination technology, explosion-proof film, laser cutting etc. that we see in the industry are all about gorilla glass.



After listening to my remarks above, some readers wonder how does layer cutting connect with glass? Don’t worry, please listen to me carefully.


With the improvement of consumers’ aesthetic requirements, the cover glass on the touch screen changes its shape from traditional square and rectangle to various mushroom and horn shapes, which are used to  collocate with different requires. At present, the use of cutting machine, gasoline cutting, HF (hydrofluoric acid) and other glass cutting technology are not as efficient as laser cutting machine, and don’t have high cutting precision.



The glass’s laser cutting is a complex process of interaction between laser and material.During the cutting process of laser cutting glass, the material is rapidly heated because the material is irradiated by the laser beam, and then rapidly cooled by convection and heat conduction, which will cause the imbalance of material internal thermal stress field distribution, leading to uncontrollable crack and influencing cutting quality.Therefore, many customers selling laser cutting machines will purchase some glass materials commonly used in the market for testing the cutting machines, such as: dragon-trail glass, panda glass, sapphire glass, corning gorilla glass, etc.


Only after the continuous replacement of glass materials and testing,the suppliers selling laser cutting machines can have the confidence to guarantee with customers. At this time, a supplier who can offer experimental glass sheets business is particularly important for equipment manufacturers.For them, it avoids the embarrassing problems such as the need to find glass channels across industries and fields, low volume and unresolved prices, product storage and transportation, and so on. You can purchase corning gorilla glass standard sheets through just a call. This is a new business of Gelivable, a hard-bone business that others are not willing to do.

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