How many days to deliver custom cover glass ?

Gorilla glass 3, gorilla glass 4, gorilla glass 2320.

Above 90% samples are delivered within 7 days.

For mass production, it’s always 15days

What Equipments Does Gelivable Have?

Equipments to process custom gorilla glass and anti glare glass.

Specification Of Custom Gorilla Glass

The production information of gorilla glass (2320) and 4(5318)are enclosed. Please download for your reference.

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What’s the unit of Haze ?

Haze refers to percentage of incident transmission light which deviates more than 2.5°accounts for total incident transmission light, the unit symbol is %. The higher the haze is, the lower the gloss and the resolution is.

Is it possible to print on the side of AG glass ?

No matter it’s single side AG glass or double sided AG glass, both can be silkscreen printed.

Capability Table of Custom Cover Glass

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Thanks for your attention, following is our capability table for your reference, you also can download it for your future use.

Capability Of Custom Cover Glass

Dimension : 5″ 7″ 10″ 15″
Tolerance of Shape : ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Tolerance of Print : ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Hole : Min.:ф1.0mm
Chemical strengthening Gorilla Glass 4: CS>650Mpa,DOL>40um
Anti-Glare: CS>450Mpa,DOL>8~12um
Hardness Gorilla Glass: 9H
Anti-Glare: 7H
Radius Corner Min.:R0.3±0.05
Chamfer Corner Min.:C0.3±0.05
Radius edge Min.:C0.15±0.05
Chamfer edge Min.:R0.15±0.05
Width of print Min. ≥0.2mm
Thickness of print 6~8um/layer
AF Coating Water contact angle:110±5°
Transmittance Of AR Coating Single side AR >94%, Double side AR>98%
Gloss Of Etching AG glass 35/50/70/95/110 (±10)
Capacity 5.5 clear glass”:2500K pcs/M
5.5″glass with 5 times of print :1200K pcs/M

How Does Gelivable Ensure The Glass Quality ?

To ensure the quality of custom gorilla glass and anti glare glass.
We will make full inspection after every procedure, IPQC and make spot check before delivery.

ISO9001:2008 quality management system is strictly carried out。


Payment terms

Payment terms: 100% T/T in advance. Payment method : Bank transfer & Paypal



We will provide you 10pcs samples in prototype stage

What’s the tolerance ?

Dimension: ±0.05mm ( <5”) , ±0.1mm ( >5”)
Printing: ±0.1mm

Specification Of Anti Glare Glass

More information please download enclosed files.

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How many days to deliver custom anti glare glass ?

For custom anti glare glass, single side etching and double side etching.
Gelivable import high quality raw material abroad, the applicable kinds are very wide.

The lead time depends on the current stock, please kindly contact sales.

How Is The Processing Capability ?

For custom gorilla glass, gorilla glass 3, gorilla glass 4 and anti glare glass

Gelivable provide CNC machining,chemical strengthening,multi-color printing, AF coating, AR coating, anti glare etching and double side 3M tape service。

A. CNC machines to process any desired shape. Chamfer / Bevel/Holes etc.
B.Chemical strengthening to make glass stronger and tougher, with best performance of anti-scratch and anti-impact.
C.Multi-color printing technology to print any color on one glass once Pantone number is provided
D.Anti-fingerprint coating to keep surface clear and wipe fingerprints easily
E.Anti-reflective coating to increase the transmittance and reduce reflection of glass
F.Double side 3M tape to assemble the glass with other parts well

What’s the difference between single side AG glass and double sided AG glass?

Gelivable’s AG glass is immersed etching. Technically speaking, we have to cover another side when we’re etching single side AG glass.

Will the gloss be varied after assembly.

If you bond the glass with other parts fully by optical bonding, the gloss will vary,the gloss of double side AG glass will increase by 10-20。 If it’s single side AG glass or bonded half, the gloss varies small。

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