Smart shower

Custom gorilla glass for smart shower, thousands of smart showers have been assembled already. Gorilla glass has good performance of scratch resistance and optical clarity. It’s printed with diverse colors and be applied with anti-fingerprint coating.

Gelivable Glass has been provided custom tempered glass for over 800 projects。 These projects are from different industries, including home/building automation, medical device, industrial equipment, Military products etc。 It not only protect touch screen/display from breaking, but also improve brand image and provide higher user experience。

SmarTap measures each drop of water and allows you to control and learn about the temperature, pressure, flow rate, and duration of your shower。 You can create multiple shower scenarios to personalize and enrich your showering experience。 And with 3 outlets, you can connect SmarTap with a large range of rain showers, hand showers, jets and baths from your favorite brands。

  • Category

    Smart Shower
  • Value

    $ 30,000
  • Client

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