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Dear esteemed clients The coronavirus outbroke in Hubei province from 23rd Jan, and spread the whole nation widely during Chinese new year holiday。 WHO declared that coronavirus is an“PHEIC” ( Public Health Emergency of International Concern ) on 30th Jan。 The coronavirus interrupted Chinese new year holiday, threatened Chinese people’s lives and brought great economic loss to whole country。 Also affected our order delivery, pre-sales service and after-sales service。 Therefore, on behalf of whole KANOU GROUP, we offer a deeply apology for this。 Although this was caused by force majeure, everyone in our group still worked hard and coordinated during holidays, in order to minimize the impact on your business。

The following are main recent work of KANOU GROUP.

火拼斗牛1。 On 25th Jan。 Held a staff meeting。 reported current coronavirus outbreak, started investigation on all staff who stayed or visited Hubei province, put forward some specific requirement on workday on 3rd Feb。 including first survey on all suppliers。

2。 On 28th Jan, Guangdong Provincial Government noticed that all companies can’t work earlier than 9th Feb。 Our group adjusted workday from 3rd Feb。 to 10th Feb。 urgently, whole sales department reported latest updates to clients。 Meanwhile, we coordinated all orders delayed for 1 week and communicated with clients。

3. On 2nd Feb, Held group management meeting to prepare for workday on 10th Feb. and to purchase mask, disinfectant and thermometer etc. also coordinated to solve mask issue for those staff returning from hometown.

4. On 4th Feb, set up epidemic prevention working group and released Epidemic Prevention Regulation System , tried to provide system guarantee for safe working, at the same time, these experience and methods were shared to all suppliers partner.

For the time being, the epidemic prevention is in difficulty. The staff on duty, lack of epidemic prevention goods and materials, government policy, etc. these factors will affect our plan to run business on 10th Feb. The production capacity is not good as estimated. Impact on order delivery can’t be handled accurately. But whole sales department are standby, they will offer specific instruction on your order continuously, your understanding will be much appreciated. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries, the quote will be going on.

More updates about KANOU GROUP will be reported continuously, please pay your attention.

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Musk Lyu in Guangdong China 4TH Feb。 2020

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